Decade Themed (1960s - 2000s) Bands To Hire For Your Event

Joe Burton
Music & Entertainment Executive
Music Through The Decades

Themed parties are as popular as ever. From film and TV icons to sporting heroes, the possibilities are endless! But one theme that has stood out from the rest is decade themed parties. These celebrations pay homage to the era someone was born, the icon fashion trends at the time and of course, the music.

Whether you want to bring back the swinging 60s for the night or relive the heyday of Michael Jackson with an 80s themed bash, we have a plethora of talent ideal for your occasion. One of the many benefits of a themed evening is that the style is already decided for you the decorations, dress code and playlist are tailor made in line with genre you choose. The only decision you have to make is whether it will be Saturday Night Fever with the 70s or if you’ll be donning your Dr Martens for a night in the 90s.

The 1960s

The Beatles were in their prime, bell-bottoms were the only clothing choice that mattered, and big hair was officially in – the 1960s, a decade unlike any other. With bands such as Beatlemania, your audience can be transported straight to The Cavern Club, or a tribute act to The Rolling Stones will perfectly set the tone for a successful evening. So don your mini skirt, finesse The Twist and prepare for an unforgettable themed evening.

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The 1970s

The 70s are responsible for the birth of tie dye, the explosion of disco and the invention of The Bump dance move. With the decade presenting one of the most iconic times for music, there is no better party idea than a 70s themed celebration.

Ideal for corporate audiences, the musical influence of the 70s is still prominent today, ensuring audiences of all ages enjoy the entertainment. Why not book our Bee Gees tribute, Stayin' Alive, for a full disco vibe, or get rocking with Hats Off To Led Zeppelin.

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The 1980s

If there is one thing that dominates the 80s, is the music. Packed out crowds headed to clubs in a sea of neon and Lycra dancing all night to Madonna’s Material Girl and Pink Floyd peaked the album charts with their progressive new rock. Everything was bigger, brighter, and bolder in the 80s.

Booking an act like Back to the 80s is guaranteed to transport your guests straight to the influential era, with their renditions of hits from Wham, Madness and Duran Duran. We also have an extensive range of Michael Jackson tributes who bring the style and vocals of The King of Pop to your event.

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The 1990s

With songs like Spice Girls’ Wannabe and Nirvana’s Teen Spirit synonymous with the decade, who wouldn’t want to be transported back to the 90s with a themed party? Music was one of the biggest trends of the era, whether it be grunge or Britpop, rock or ska punk, everyone had a new beat to dance to, making it the perfect crowd-pleasing theme for a corporate occasion.

Bands like Rock The 90s will set the tone for your event, and no 90s celebration is complete without MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This on the playlist. So, grab your acid wash jeans, tube top and an oversized scrunchie and you’re set for an on theme 90s bash.

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Joe Burton
Music & Entertainment Executive

Since joining the Champions Music & Entertainment team in 2021, Joseph Burton has established himself as our all-around music expert, thanks to his eclectic taste. Joe regularly supplies his expertise on musical acts and entertainers for clients, having studied Theatre Arts at Nottingham Trent University.  

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