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Weddings in 2024 are increasingly featuring a unique touch of humour, with over 30% of couples now opting to include comedians in their celebrations, according to Wedding Bells Magazine. This trend highlights a shift towards more interactive and fun-filled events. Ireland's comedy scene is particularly vibrant, offering a roster of talents who specialise in wedding entertainment. These comedians excel at blending humour with the day's festivities, ensuring that every laugh is as heartfelt as the occasion itself. Their ability to connect through witty observations and engaging storytelling makes them a standout choice for couples wanting to create unforgettable moments for their guests.

Our Top 10 Comedians for Weddings in 2024:

Our booking agents gathered client testimonials from hundreds of weddings worldwide to discover the most popular wedding comedians available to book. Our ultimate guide will help you discover your perfect wedding entertainment, including how to book a comedian through Champions Music and Entertainment.

  1. Milton Jones
  2. Keith Farnan
  3. Ivy Paige
  4. Kev Orkian
  5. Nina Conti
  6. Axel Blake
  7. Jason Manford
  8. Paul Zerdin
  9. Katherine Ryan
  10. Hal Cruttenden

1. Milton Jones - 9.9/10

Milton Jones is a brilliantly talented wedding comedian whose flamboyant shirts are as distinctive as his unmissable curly hair. Known for his deadpan delivery and sharp wit, Milton transforms every event into a memorable celebration with his unique comedic style. His mastery of one-liners and extensive experience on major British comedy shows make him the perfect choice to entertain and amuse guests, ensuring laughter that resonates long after the wedding bells stop ringing.

Official Act Feedback:

”The wild-haired Jones has raised wordplay to the level of fine art.” - Radio Times

2. Keith Farnan - 9.8/10

Keith Farnan, a British comedian known for his appearances on prestigious stages and shows like the Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow, is a prime choice for wedding entertainment. Transitioning from a career as a solicitor, Keith brings a unique blend of humour and relatability to his performances, making them both enjoyable and memorable. His ability to connect with diverse audiences ensures that every guest is entertained, creating a joyful and laughter-filled atmosphere that enhances the special day. With Keith Farnan, expect a wedding filled with laughter and unforgettable moments.

Official Act Feedback:

"Keith did a great job with a very loud crowd, and the additional research he did beforehand paired with this tailoring his set to suit the gambling theme was really appreciated. Also he ensured that he chatted with Redd Pepper beforehand to plan some banter etc, and this made such a difference!! Thanks for all your help, especially with the host change etc – that could have been so challenging but your support here was amazing." - Katie, Pageant Media Ltd.

3. Ivy Paige - 9.75/10

Ivy Paige is an exceptionally talented wedding comedian whose unique blend of humour and charisma captivates audiences at every event. Known for her flame-red hair and quick wit, Ivy infuses each performance with a theatrical flair that leaves a lasting impression. A celebrated figure on stages like the Matcham Room at The Hippodrome Casino and the Hammersmith Apollo, Ivy excels in transforming wedding receptions into unforgettable experiences. Her distinctive style, combined with her expertise in singing and comedy, ensures a wedding celebration filled with laughter and memorable moments.

Official Act Feedback:

”Her voice is a powerhouse” - Evening Standard

4. Kev Orkian - 9.6/10

Kev Orkian is a remarkable comedian and classical concert pianist, often compared to legends like Victor Borge and Dudley Moore. His fusion of music and comedy, honed on the prestigious stages of London’s West End and through supporting top comedy acts nationwide, makes him an exceptional choice for wedding entertainment. Kev’s performances, which include clever musical sketches and engaging humour, promise to bring an unforgettable element of joy and laughter to any wedding celebration.

Official Act Feedback:

”Absolute genius.” - King Charles

5. Nina Conti - 9.5/10

Nina Conti, a talented wedding comedian, excels at delivering side-splitting entertainment tailored for special occasions. Renowned for her edgy humour and remarkable skill in ventriloquism, Nina engages wedding guests with her cheeky jabs and interactive antics. Whether captivating a small gathering or a large crowd, her ability to adapt her performance ensures everyone is entertained. With a rich background in both acting and live comedy, Nina Conti proves to be an unforgettable highlight at any wedding celebration.

Official Act Feedback:

”Nina was exceptional. We were actually quite shocked, but that made it all the more hilarious!” - Diageo

6. Axel Blake - 9.5/10

Axel Blake is a master of observational comedy, boasting a successful career highlighted by his victory in Britain's Got Talent 2022. Perfect for wedding entertainment, Axel brings laughter and a dynamic presence to any celebration. Renowned for his ability to connect with diverse audiences, Axel has shared stages with comedy legends like Dave Chappelle and Eddie Griffin. His engaging persona makes him an ideal choice for ensuring your special day is filled with joy and unforgettable humour.

Official Act Feedback:

”We have discovered a star.” - Simon Cowell

7. Jason Manford - 9.4/10

Jason Manford, with his rich Manchester roots and working-class humour, has become a cherished figure in British comedy. Starting as a humble glass collector where he first encountered comedy legends, Jason's passion led him to the University of Salford. His comedic journey took off post-graduation, earning acclaim on the UK tour circuit and visibility through roles in Coronation Street and Emmerdale. A household name from 8 Out of 10 Cats, Jason's blend of relatable storytelling and sharp wit makes him an exceptional choice for adding a burst of laughter to any wedding.

Official Act Feedback:

”My face and stomach ached so much from constantly laughing. This man is incredible. A true down to earth and not offensive comic. A real gem. Give us many more tours!”

8. Paul Zerdin - 9.3/10

Paul Zerdin, a master of ventriloquism, brings a unique blend of humour and charm to every wedding. With years of experience captivating audiences on television and prestigious stages, Paul delivers unforgettable entertainment. His act features a lovable cast of characters, including the cheeky pre-teen Sam and the adorable Baby, ensuring laughter and joy. Ideal for adding a special touch to your celebration, Paul Zerdin's performances are not just funny—they're phenomenally engaging, making every moment memorable.

Official Act Feedback:

”It was incredible – and the response inside and outside the Jewish community has been fantastic. We were trending at no.1 on Twitter at one point. Paul was absolutely amazing and had the audience in stitches!” - J Cohen, Jewish News

9. Katherine Ryan - 9.25/10

Katherine Ryan, a Canadian comedian celebrated for her sharp wit and insightful commentary on pop culture, is an exceptional entertainer available through the Champions Music and Entertainment agency. Excelling on British panel shows and captivating audiences worldwide, Katherine’s comedic prowess shines brightly in wedding environments. With a rich history of television appearances and a knack for making everyday life hilariously relatable, she ensures laughter and joy, making every event unforgettable.

Official Act Feedback:

”Ryan demonstrates a pretty rare talent – one which involves being very funny without losing sight of the living, breathing hearts of others.” - Daily Express

10. Hal Cruttenden - 9.2/10

Hal Cruttenden is a standout comedian renowned for his captivating appearances on popular shows like Mock the Week and Have I Got News For You. With a career sparked by his nomination for the Perrier Best Newcomer award in 2002, Hal has dazzled audiences from the Palladium to international stages. Known for blending sharp wit with personal anecdotes, he brings laughter and light-heartedness to any wedding, ensuring a memorable, joyous celebration. His polished, engaging style makes him a perfect choice for your special day.

Official Act Feedback:

"Hal was fabulous. He had the audience crying with laughter. He ran the awards brilliantly and they went totally smoothly. He went above and beyond actually, and even gave us a second set at the beginning of the awards part 2. After his part had finished he joined us in the crew room for a few beers and regaled us with stories. It was lovely and relaxed with good chats and fans popping in and out to share their appreciation. I hope he enjoyed himself too!" - Amy, UKSV

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Why Should I Hire a Comedian for My Wedding?

Hiring a comedian for your wedding guarantees laughter and joy, essential for a memorable celebration. Comedians are easy to find, set-up is simple with minimal equipment needs, making them cost-effective. Laughter not only promotes health but also helps guests bond over shared humour. Opting for a comedian adds a unique, enjoyable twist to your special day, ensuring it's unforgettable for everyone involved.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Comedian for My Wedding?

At Champions Music & Entertainment, the cost to hire a comedian for a wedding varies. Our entertainment offerings range broadly in price, with comedians priced from £1,500 to £30,000. The fees also depend on factors such as the location of the event, the length of the performance, and the extent of audio-visual production required. For a precise quote tailored to your specific entertainment needs and budget, we recommend contacting one of our dedicated booking agents who can provide detailed information and help you make the perfect choice for your wedding.

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This exclusive blog post was written by Joe Burton who has accumulated official data and client feedback from 328 weddings and celebrations held between 2020 and 2024 who hired a comedian.

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