Like The Beatles

The UK's most Authentic Tribute To The Beatles

Like The Beatles are dedicated to bringing audiences the most accurate and fun Beatles tribute experience possible.

They are as close to the original band as you can get. From the obsessive attention to detail in the musicianship and characterisation to the replica costumes, instruments and equipment, they are completely dedicated to bringing audiences the most technically accurate experience of The Beatles a tribute band can get.

Their love for and obsession with The Beatles is apparent in every aspect of our performance.

Being largely a band of brothers, the close family dynamic helps create the onstage camaraderie we all associate with The Beatles. From their earliest days in Liverpool to the heady last days in Abbey Road Studios, Like The Beatles recreate it all with diligence and respect, to the point that the audience loses themselves in the incredible music and forgets about the tribute band.

Like The Beatles want to give the audience a broad picture of The Beatles’ history and where time allows, they can do two or more costume changes during a set!

They will also focus on one period of The Beatles’ history if required and are available to add some fab fourdom to pubs, social clubs, nightclubs, festivals, weddings, birthdays, garden parties, corporate events or any other private party – you name it, they can play it!

Book Like The Beatles as the tribute act for your special occasion or business event, simply contact the Champions Music & Entertainment agency via or speak to a booking agent directly on +44 1509 85 29 27.

I have been connected to champions for about 4 years now. My experience of the activities and the team have always been incredibly positive. The services are constantly delivered with the utmost profe