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Tribute Act Spotlight: Forever Jackson

When it comes to pop stars whose profile and legacy is unanimously praised, one name pops up more than others: Michael Jackson.

There are few superlatives left that can describe the impact The King of Pop has made on popular culture, from his amazing music that continues to be played on radio and in clubs, to his revolutionary dance moves that influence choreography to this day.

Sadly, Michael tragically died in 2009, an event which provoked an outpouring of grief and created unprecedented levels of internet traffic, to the point that Google, Twitter and Wikipedia all reported crashes.

However, there are many tribute acts that continue to pay homage to the King of Pop and keep his legacy alive. One of the best on the circuit is Forever Jackson, which was voted the ‘No.1 UK Michael Jackson Tribute Show’ at the 2013 UK National Tribute Awards.

Robin Parsons pays true homage to the late, great King of Pop. Singing live lead vocal, his voice replicates the distinctive tones of Michael, while his dancing mirrors the legend in every detail, step for step right down to the smallest of mannerisms.

Robin’s dedication paid off in a big way when he got to live a dream and performed for Michael himself in 2003 at his 45th Birthday show at the Orpheum Theatre in L.A – an honour only a very select few have experienced.

With wonderful touches of originality, visual extravagance throughout and a set list for all ages, Forever Jackson is truly a show for everyone.

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