Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

If you’re looking for alternative wedding entertainment, then look no further. Walk around acts, magicians, acrobats, dancers and celebrity impersonators are just a few of the acts we have on offer with each a consummate professional looking to add something special to your day.

Make Your Wedding Unique With Some Alternative Wedding Entertainment

Whatever your feeling, theme or need we have a wide range of acts to make sure your day goes off without a hitch. Champions Music and Entertainment have years of experience making memories with stellar acts so contact us today to find the perfect wedding entertainment for you.

Building your wedding around a theme is hugely popular so choose an act that suits yours. If you have a love for the festivities of Brazil, why not astound your guests with Brazilian stilt walkers or dancers? Alternatively, try one of our celebrity look-a-likes and watch your guests’ surprise as they are led to their seats by Winston Churchill, Simon Cowell, or Marilyn Monroe.

Walk around acts have become a popular addition to wedding entertainment providing informal enjoyment in between the ceremony and reception. Magicians and mentalists are perfect in this regard as they engage small groups of guests and astound them with impossible feats.

Sleight of hand tricks and illusions form the perfect icebreakers and will have your relatives chatting away in no time. Alternatively, try the hilarious Acro-Chaps to create a spectacle with their dazzling and hilarious acrobatic display.

A traditional wedding is a great way to celebrate your heritage. Creeds Cross- The Celtic Journey is just one of many traditional acts that will add something special to your amazing day. Celebrate yours’ or your partner’s heritage with these stunning tributes to the rich culture that brought the two of you together.

If you’re one for practical jokes and shocking your guests have a look at our comedy waiters or singing waiters. These talented comedians and singers will pretend to be your wait staff before bursting into a routine. The surprise will be hilarious and have your guests talking about your nuptials for weeks and months to come.

For further mystique, consider one of our renowned tarot readers or clairvoyants. They will impress and baffle your guests while providing some top-class entertainment. The acts push the boundaries of entertainment and will add an extra dimension to your special day.

Themed weddings, traditional weddings and other alternative ideas can benefit from one of our talented artists. Browse our acts below and contact a member of the Champions Music and Entertainment agency management team by filling in our online contact form or by calling us on 0207 078 78 76 to find out more.