Al McKays Earth Wind and Fire Experience

Al McKays all stars

Built around legendary Earth Wind & Fire guitarist, Al McKay, and a group of top Los Angeles studio and road musicians is the aptly named “Al McKay Allstars.” They are all about the music.

Performing hit after hit of the super group’s material, in the original keys with the original feel, the Al McKay Allstars offer a stunning demonstration of a living, vital performance – with every component of the band upholding the high standard of excellence that established the original EWF sound.

Al McKay’s Earth, Wind & Fire Experience are available to book with the Champions Music and Entertainment agency, simply contact or speak to a booking agent directly on +44 1509 85 29 27.

Everyone we use in the organisation has to have high integrity and that trust is absolutely important and Champions have been able to deliver that time and time again Ian Mattioli CEO